Scavenger Hunt Round 6

Scavenger Hunt Round 6

How does it work?

You take your bike out on the roads and find the object or destination.You can be ANYWHERE in the world as long as you are on a motorcyle. These items are not just in michigan, so if you travel you can still participate!

You then take a picture of you and your bike with the object or destination and you will EMAIL your scavenger hunt image to [email protected] at the end of the two week period. There has been some questions whether you and the bike have to be in the picture at the same time to avoid cheating. We understand that it is not always possible or safe to have both in one image. You invest a lot into this love of yours and we want everyone to be safe. an update to our wording it must be your bike or the rider in the submitted image. If your not able to capture yourself with the scavenged item, try adding a place card on your bikes windshield or handlebar with a dated timestamp. If you are renting a bike on a trip, try and get that selfie with you and the bike and give a shout out to the rental company!

You have TWO WEEKS to locate item/s from the list (not all items must be found to participate, but the more we get the bigger the gallery will be)

We encourage folks to get out and ride. At the end it isnt a competition but just about having fun.


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US1853462 May 23, 2021


How do we see the submissions for Part 1?

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Rosie May 31, 2021


They should be posted as of this months officers meeting. Our Editor is working on that compilation. They should be posted in the galleries soon.