Flat JJ

Rules for Summertime Fun with Flat JJ

  • Get on your bike with Flat JJ in tow.
  • Take pictures featuring you, your Harley and Flat JJ in front of the theme for the month. If you’re out by yourself, take a picture of Flat JJ on your bike in front of the theme. If you cannot get your bike up close enough to the theme, move on.
  • Submit your photos with your name via email to jill@motorcityhog.com. Jill will keep the picture submissions (running score) confidential.
  • Entries must be submitted by the last day of the month for that theme.
  • You will receive (1) point for each different theme location submitted. The contestant with the most pictures for the month will be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize, which will be presented at the Christmas Party in December. A monthly prize will be awarded.
  • Ties will be decided by first-in photo.
  • There will be an album on our FaceBook page with 10 random pictures with the theme of that month.



Photo Formats

Photo formats accepted are .jpg, .gif, .png. Each photo must not exceed 5MB in size. NOTE: Images must be clear and names/signs must be legible in submitted prints. Prints that are blurred, fuzzy, illegible, or unrecognizable will not receive points.

A slide show of the pictures will be presented at the Christmas Party.


Ride Safe and Have Fun!!


Monthly Themes

April – police or fire station

May – Museum or art gallery


June – body of water or waterfall

July – Historical Marker

August – lighthouse or buoy

September – brewery or distillery

October – pumpkin patch or cider mill

November – water tower or local landmark