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S.O.U.L. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that helps to transform the lives of individuals and families in adverse situations by providing support and help. Our goal is to respond with love, respect and to provide the  resources we have available as needed. We support everyone who comes to us. Some of the ways we assist include; food, clothing, education, resource research, household goods, furniture, care counseling, transportation, comfort and compassion. We help the homeless, abused, those in medical crisis, and people transitioning from divorce and other hardships such as a loss of employment. We strive to provide solutions which enable people to return to a self-sustaining status.

Redford Veterans Court

Presiding Judge:  Hon. Karen Khalil

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What is the Veterans Court? A point of pride for Redford Township continues to be the Seventeenth Judicial District Veterans Court under the leadership of Judge Karen Khalil.  The mission of the 17th District Veterans Court is to promote a safer community by empowering our veterans to permanently emerge from the criminal justice system through a program providing specialized support and services to those who have bravely served our nation. 

The court team has received state and federal training which helps them recognize the challenges veterans can face upon returning from active duty.  The collaboration between numerous agencies including the VA, local police departments, local and county prosecutors, defense advocates,  the Canine Advocacy Project, and Wayne County’s Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT), among others,  allows the Veterans Court team to assist the veteran participants find avenues to overcome their challenges. 




The Redford Veterans Court is a specialty
court established to provide treatment
and compassion to those who have
served our country and are struggling
in the criminal justice system. Veterans
Court offers a unique collaboration
between numerous agencies: the
Court, local and area Judges, a canine
support dog, the US Department of
Veterans Affairs, the Redford Police
Department, a local veteran public
defender’s office, the Township
Attorney’s Office, the Wayne County
Prosecutor’s Office, the Probation
Department, veteran mentors, and
many other community organizations.
These agencies coordinate efforts
during a special veterans only docket,
and a closely monitored system of
phases throughout the required
probationary period to assist veterans
who are in the program.
The connection with the VA helps
provide veterans in the program with
enhanced access to benefits they
are entitled to as a result of their
service to our country. Participants
are also supported by mentors and a
variety of community organizations.
A graduation ceremony is held for
veterans who successfully fulfill the
requirements of the program.

Charities We Support